Angela Howell

Angela Howell

Since I was a child I valued natural healing therapies and have always been drawn to natural products. I came to Velyn Organics in 2016 and found myself drawn to all organic products and nutrition. While being behind my desk, I was always being told what a difference the treatments here made to the lives of our clients and that ignited an interest in me to learn the art myself.

An early passion of mine has been sustainability and the promotion of environmental awareness and wrote papers about it. These papers, for my highschool and university peers, featured Green Party, grassroots activists, youth leaders and progressive city councillors. Being green & organic is close to my heart so for that reason, I really value working at such an eco friendly & organic business.

I really do love creating things, which is why I really enjoy running several of our Velyn Organics workshops. The balance between creating something natural and useful, really resonates with me and I love sharing that experience with others.

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